Monday, March 12, 2012

Rockets in Be'ersheva

We arrived in Be'ersheva yesterday and almost immediately heard sirens. Tensions between Israel and Gaza have spiked of late, and being within the range of Grad rockets, Be'ersheva has found itself under attack. As jarring as it may be to hear rockets exploding overhead, life here continues after such events, and though we ran to the bomb shelter several times, all was, as the Israelis say, kol beseder. Of course, one can't help but think of the folks in Gaza who have no sophisticated defense mechanism like the American-made Iron Dome, which protects the Israeli home front from incoming rocket fire, or no Red Alert system, which gives residents of Be'ersheva seventy seconds to scurry to safety. Over fifteen have died in Gaza since the escalation began, and though none have died in Israel, many residents are in danger's way. It is our sincere hope that the two sides can come to some kind of reconciliation soon so that the people of this region may find some peace, even if it is merely a temporary one.

We now head east to conduct research in Bedouin villages, outside of rocket range.


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