Monday, February 13, 2012

Israeli Water Law 1959

Water Law, 1959

This law establishes the framework for the control and protection of Israel's water sources (under the responsibility of the Ministers of Agriculture and National Infrastructure and of the Water Commissioner) and includes water pollution prevention provisions (under the responsibility of the Minister of the Environment).

The law states that all sources of water in Israel are public property and that every person is entitled to use water, as long as that use does not cause the salination or depletion of the water resource.

Article 1 states: "The water sources in Israel are the property of the public. They are
controlled by the State and are intended to fulfill the needs of the
population and the development of the country."

Article 4 states: "A person’s right in any land does not confer on him any right over a
water source that is situated in that land, or that passes through it or in
its borders, but the provision of this section does not derogate from the
right of any individual under Section 3."

Article 7 states: "For the purpose of this law, it shall be immaterial whether a right to
water was established by law – including this law – or by agreement,
or custom or any other way, and whether it was established before this
law entered into force or afterwards."


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