Thursday, February 9, 2012

The TEAM: 

All current students at a law school in New York City!  Fun bios about our dedicated team. 

  In terms of artistic talents: I can knit, I could buy wool and knit scarves:) My handwriting is pretty so I can write the postcards we said we'd give certain donors. I cant paint, I'm not particularly great in photography, I can take videos but I’m sure others can do that better. I think my knitting and handwriting skills are all I can offer. Unless we can add belly dancing to this project in some way!  I can cook Turkish coffee! 
F.J. - 
       I have experience with in-car videography, have experience in several artistic mediums (paint, clay, jewelry), and am a several-times published poet. I’ve shot travel photography in Spain, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt, the West Bank, and many other places 
D.H. - 
  I have worked as a reporter and photo-journalist in New York, San Diego and Cairo, done some video editing and have conducted a lot of interviews. I can also draw stick-figures like a champ, so if anyone wants an illustrated depiction of our trip, I can make them a scrappy flip-book. Finally, I am famous for getting myself into really ridiculous travel adventures! 
  I have a stellar eye in photography, even won an abstract photo contest.  As an off-Broadway actress able to put myself in the shoes of another and connect well with others - something that will be very helpful during the interviewing process.  
I have a good amount of journalism experience which I hope will allow me to contribute to the project by effectively interviewing those affected by the issue which we are studying, asking relevant questions, and leveraging this information into a cogent, informative paper.
I love looking into  and using technological advancements.  I enjoy photography and have a keen eye for artifacts. 

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